The Hidden Secrets of Brussels

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This is a site about Brussels, a city that sometimes to be nothing more than a chaotic intersection of roads and railways and tramlines, a place where everyone is passing through on the way to somewhere else.

But it turns to be a city of many secret places that most people know nothing about.

The aim of this website is to steer you away from the more obvious tourist sights so that you can discover the hidden places that reveal the soul of the city.

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"My country! I did not think enough of it. I almost ignored it. I did not see that I loved it. But since they torment her, the monsters, I see her everywhere. I breathe her in the streets of the city, in the shadow of our palace. She lives in me. I live in her. I will die for her singing."

Gabrielle Petit, 1916

The 500

Hidden Secrets

of Brussels

"this little gem is an instant Brussels bestseller"


The 500

Hidden Secrets

of Brussels

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"best Brussels guidebook"

"the descriptions are short and snappy and give you just enough information to tease you  into discovering them for yourself"

Julian Hale

The Brussels Tribune

"Really love your book. I always knew Brussels was a great city and no way boring. We enjoyed our stay in Sweet which your book rightly recommends. Sofie the owner was sweet."

Gary Mayne


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Bruxelles surprises:

500 coups de coeur

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10 walking tours in Brussels based on the bestselling guide

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"I was touched by the city that you showed us. I have lived here for a year and I have always felt that there is more to Brussels than I could describe, show or touch. Even though I have read hundreds of books about Brussels. I loved the gorgeous photo exhibition, and the abandoned old fountain lined with rubbish made me cry. Brussels is a magnificent old city, but it's a pity it's not visible on a daily basis. Like the narrow street near the Rue de Flandres that isn't even on Google maps. Every citizen should be obliged to try to see Brussels through your eyes."

Joanna Slocka

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