For several decades, Wijnand and Mieke Plaizier have been publishing beautiful postcards and photo books on Brussels. For anyone interested in this city's story, Avec Plaizier offers some of the most striking images of how it once looked.


No. 216 in The 500 Hidden Secrets of Brussels


Rue des Eperonniers 50

Central Brussels

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Brussels is getting seriously organic these days. This huge organic supermarket opened recently in a striking 19th-century building where they used to hold furniture auctions. The shelves are filled with healthy food from organic producers, including vegetables, nuts and cereals. They also stock slightly less healthy stuff like coffee, chocolate and some local beers. Prices are a little higher than normal supermarkets, but that’s something you just have to accept.


Quai au Bois à Brûler 43

Dansaert Quarter

+32(0)2 218 24 81



Here is a great shop for cool clothes hidden down a dingy downtown lane next to Ancienne Belgique. The window displays are always worth a glance and the interior is dotted with odd bits of furniture. It's hard to make sense of the wooden dispaly cabinet by the door filled with curious bits of artwork. Great for shirts, shoes and headphones, not to mention flyers for gigs in local venues.


No. 164 in The 500 Hidden Secrets of Brussels



Here is a brilliant little wine shop hidden away in an old courtyard on Rue due Page. The shop has boxes of wine stacked up to the ceiling and sometimes a few open bottles on the table for tasting. The wines sold here come from vineyards that grow their grapes without chemicals or fertilisers, so you are tasting a pure natural product. Many of the city’s acclaimed restaurants order their wine here, but the place is not at all intimidating. Some bottles are expensive, but you can pick up a mellow Le Pluriel red from the Clos des Boutes for just €8,60.

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design blogs

01 I love Belgium »


Stijn Verlinden writes passionately about everything he comes across. It could be a new Delvaux handbag or a fashion event in an abandoned warehouse. Essential reading for anyone interested in cool Belgian design. 


No. 494 in The 500 Hidden Secrets of Brussels


02 BEhive »


A smart web magazine on Belgian architecture, design and sustainable living. A good place to find out where to find pop-up shops by Antwerp designers or smart new design ideas from Brussels studios. Not as lively as it was in the beginning.