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The 5 Hidden Secrets of Brussels :: an urban game


> Hidden Secret 4 :: the Mont des Arts


Directions :: Continue along the pavement in front of the palace and turn left at the end :: this brings you back to Place Royale :: cross the road at the lights :: go back down the hill :: cross at the lights :: now you see a modern glass box :: proceed to the box and go through the automatic doors :: you can see the Mont des Arts from here


> What is this :: King LĂ©opold II began the Mont des Arts on a sloping site above the old town as a cultural quarter. The work was continued Under his son Albert and was completed during the reign of King Baudouin


Most of the buildings date from the 20th century, but there is one building opposite the glass box that has survived from the 15th century


What is it ::


> a chapel


> a city gate

> a weaver's cottage