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The 5 Hidden Secrets of Brussels :: The Africa Team


> Hidden Secret 1 :: Leopold's lair


Directions :: Cross over the road and walk through the park behind the statue of King Albert on horseback


Continue up the hill until you reach the square with the church at the top of the hill


You will see an arch on the far side of the square, to the right of the church :: Go through the arch and climb the Rue de Namur :: Turn down the first street on the left, Rue Brederode :: Look out for a strange wooden building on the left :: stand in front of the building


> What is this :: Not many people in Brussels could tell you anything about this building. Nothing gives away its secret history. It was built for King Leopold II after he visited the Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1899.


The king decided to reconstruct several of the buildings that had caught his eye in Paris, including a Norwegian chalet. A Norwegian architect called Knudsen was brought to Brussels in 1906 to build the wooden chalet.


Leopold used this strange Viking folly as an office for his colonial administration. It was the heart of a vast empire that covered an area of Africa the size of Europe. The five-pointed stars on the fa├žade come from the original Congo flag.

Count the number of stars on the building and click the correct answer


Five ::


Seven ::


Three ::